The Berkeley Disability Lab was formed as a nexus for disability research, media, and design in the Bay Area. It combines the functions of a purposefully-accessible and cross-disability inclusive makerspace, reseach lab, and teaching space.

As part of bringing me to campus, Berkeley made a commitment to building me a lab in central campus focused on disability, access, and design. My intention is that this will serve as a nexus for disability studies on campus, help bring the Bay Area disability community into dialogue with campus, and help promote the next generation of disabled researchers, scientists, designers, and engineers.

Details are still being worked out about what will be possible in the lab.

Things we know:
  • We've been given space in Hearst Field Annex which is on the ground floor and accessible (although halfway up a hill)
  • We have funds for building it out to some extent

Things we don't know:
  • When exactly the lab will come online, most likely Fall 2018.