As part of bringing me to campus, Berkeley made a commitment to building me a lab in central campus focused on disability, access, and design. My intention is that this will serve at least two purposes: 1) for my own research project on augmentation, robotics, and prosthetics and 2) as a hub for crip engineering and disability studies on campus.

Details are still being worked out about what will be possible in the lab.

Things we know:
  • It will be located on the main level of Sutardja Dai Hall — the main collaborative engineering and design building on campus
  • It will be just over 500 square feet
  • The building and that floor are wheelchair accessible
  • We have funds for building it out to some extent

Things we don't know:
  • When exactly the lab will come online, most likely summer 2016.
  • We are not sure where continuing operating funds will come from, most likely soft money