The UC Berkeley Disability Lab is happy to be hosting two post-docs this academic year (2017-2018):

• Prof. Soya Mori is a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Developing Economies of the Japanese External Trade Organization (IDE/JETRO) in Tokyo, Japan. His research focus is the economies of developing nations, especially as to how they affect people with disabilities in Southeast Asia. He is conducts research in sign linguistics. Prof. Mori has degrees from the University of Rochester and Waseda University. [academic home page]
• Zvika Orr is on the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences at the Jerusalem College of Technology. Dr. Orr received his doctorate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is currently conducting research on the human rights of people with disabilities in Israel. [academic home page]

Becoming a UC Berkeley Disability Lab Visiting Scholar (including Pre- and Post-Docs)

Please note that we do not have any fellowships to support visiting scholars, so scholars need to come in with your own funding. For more details about being a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, please see the university's Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs program website.

If you would like to work as a pre- or post-doctoral fellow or visiting researcher at the UC Berkeley Disability Lab, please contact Prof. Karen Nakamura.