Page 4, Line 3: “representing people with physical and
psychiatric disabilities” ==> “physical and intellectual disabilities”

Page 78, Paragraph 8, Line 3: “was
as if the family was living in her head”

Page 106, Paragraph 3, Line 8: “cannot
be only be on the receiving end” (strike first be)

Page 142, Paragraph 2, Line 2: When Japanese anthropologist Sachiyo Ukigaya visited the inpatient ward in 2006 for
her field research on psychiatric nursing care, she made a detailed record of the number of patients, their lengths of stay, and their diagnoses. She noted that around 70 percent of both male and female patients had schizophrenia.” (note: Ukigaya Sachiyo is female).

Page 189, Line 19: “her home in
Utsunomiya ==> “her home in Mito City

Page 196: Strike “
Stubborn and opinionated, he didn’t make many friends while he was in medical school, and his adviser suggested that he go to Germany after graduation, since it was unlikely that he’d get hired in Japan.

Page 213: Jamestown ==> Jonestow